Stephen Lawrence 20 years on

And the angel of death came to visit him that day and rocked his soul for comfort; because the angels did everything they could that day to prevent this from happening, but was unable to help. His murderers did not listen to their angels; instead they tied up, bound their souls into darkness until they were filled with this disgusting rage!

But still the angel of death cradled Stephen’s soul.

If his mother, father or anyone he knew could see the angel of death that day would they beg him to stay home? would they beg God to let him stay and not take their baby away? how could anyone be filled with so much hate to the point where they want to kill?

20 years on, everyone wonders if  they didn’t commit this crime and they just listened to their angels where would Stephen be? he could have fallen in love, had a family maybe? but unfortunately he wasn’t given a choice.




Inspirational Easter gifts!

Easter is very near and the supermarkets have been trying to push Easter eggs on us since January! but instead of giving someone the most expected gift of a chocolate Easter egg why not make your own? I came across this really cute and cheap way to give all of your friends a truly personal and special gift this Easter.





These are the Materials that you will be needing, and in just 11 steps you’ll have a really special Easter gift that your friends and family will love.


easter2 easter3 easter4 easter5 easter6 easter7 easter8 easter9 easter10 easter11

Embroidered Leaves

Who has tried their hand at embroidery?  I have and lost interest very quickly (i know shame on me). However I stumbled on this image on Pinterest on how to embroider leaves, it looks really easy and simple to do, I just though I’ll share it with you becasue it may inspire you as much as it inspired me. I can imagine doing this on birthday cards of if you want to jazz up a cushion or piece of clothing. I recommend that you sign up to Pinterest for creative inspiration, I cant get enough of it!

embroy flower

Illustrator Tribulation

Hey everyone, please accept my apologies for the extremely late blog post! Recently I have been trying to develop my drawing skills on illustrator, I have been avoiding this program for years because I didn’t know how to use it (and was too lazy to learn it..ahem), I did try to use it in the past but its so different from Photoshop (which I’m very good at) I just couldn’t get my head around it, and subsequently got frustrated and bored with it.

Anyway I decided to learn it because I want to develop and expand my skills and if I want to move on and progress in life I need to know this program. I downloaded an illustrator tutorial which is excellent! it teaches you everything from how to save your work, using shapes and most importantly how to draw.

one of the first things that it teaches you is that you can create patterns on illustrator CS6 really easily. I created this image by creating a pattern with the Polygon shape, then once I was happy with it I saved it and used it as a fill for the Polygon shape. I got this affect by using the 3D filter.


here is my 1st image that drew using a pen tablet my sister loaned me, I highly recommend that you get a pen tablet as I tried doing this with a mouse and it was a absolute nightmare.


and here is a more detailed image I drew after I learnt how to use colour properly in CS6. I call it Africa in colour.
Illustrator is amazing if you want to convert your drawings into digital art. I’ll be sure to post more picture of my adventures soon!

africa in colour

Crop Top challenge!

So the other day i was browsing Look Magazine and on one of their style pages they were advertising a  crop top that I instantly liked, but i didnt fancy the price which was £29, I know its not a huge amount of money but for a tiny piece of fabric I thought i’ll pass. Suddenly i had an idea “I thought I can make thisSo here it is.. 🙂

here is the original idea which I cut out and added to my scrap book.

I love this whole outfit!

I love this whole outfit!

I first started to draft my pattern using a pattern block and designing it in the same shape as the top

patter draft IMG_0975

after I had drawn up all my pieces (not forgetting seam allowance) I lay them out carefully on my material ready to cut them out, this process took me a while because the fabric was patterned and I needed to be very selective about which parts of the pattern would go where.


so after that was done I over locked all the edges and sewed them together, and put a zip in the back.


Taa daa! my wonderful new top mad in less than 24 hours!

top and sequin skirt IMG_0988

I teamed this top with a peplum sequin skirt, killer heels and statement jewellery!

Hello, and welcome!

Hello there! and welcome to my first blog post.

so it’s we have finally made it to a new year, its almost like a rebirth for everyone, having a resolution for the year, making promises to start and finish projects (ahem), you know having a fresh start and new beginning. it’s actually quite exciting! I have been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, but for some reason I never got round to doing it, something always came up and I was always making an excuse to do it, top examples “what would I write about” or “maybe tomorrow“. but a good friend of mine told me that I shouldn’t think, JUST DO! so, here I am.

Through this blog I hope to show you (and share with you) some of the amazing ideas that I have in fashion, art, cooking and baking.